Rodent Removal

What Are Rodents?

The term rodent defines more than both mice and rats. Rodents are night-traveling creatures.  They are known to eat and contaminate food,  and damage property by their gnawing, scratching, & burrowing.  Some may even spread diseases (such as salmonella) that affect people and pets.

Did you know that other than spreading disease, rodents can cause physical damage to property?  Since a rodents front teeth grow and expand as they age, they must continually bite, chew and gnaw on physical objects to maintain and wear down these teeth to keep them at an acceptable size for their mouths. This constant chewing, grinding, and gnawing activity can damage walls, doors, electrical or power lines, and security alarms. Rodents will also search for soft nesting items / materials and will essentially chew, grind or gnaw at anything stored in garages, storage sheds, and basements.

Common Rodent Types

Ears: Small compared to its body
Snout: Blunt
Physical Size & Weight Of Adult: Approx.10-18 oz. / 12-18 inches in length (tip of nose to end of tail)
Fur: Coarse, generally red-brown to gray-brown

Ears: Large compared to the rest of its body
Sharp / Pointed
Physical Size & Weight Of Adult:
Approx.3 to 4-1 oz.. / 6-7 inches in length (from the tip of its snout / nose to end of its tail)
Gray, brown-gray


How Can We Help?

Whats Bugging You offers comprehensive plans to eliminate rodents from your home or business.
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